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Get to know your audience, one swipe at a time

Story Asks are short polls & surveys you share with your audience

  • AMAs

    Know the questions your followers want answered

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  • Surveys

    Dive into your followers' interests & preferences

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  • Polls

    Take the pulse of your followers opinions

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  • Giveaways

    Incentivize deeper follower engagement

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Unlock the potential of your audience

Story Asks turn your audience into customers & advocates

  • 5% swipe up rate

    2x better than email

  • 48% completion rate

    5x better than surveys

  • 100% email capture

    1000x better than social

“Story Asks have changed the way I engage with my guest and audience.”

Leo MorejonHost of the ‘Prove It Matters’ Show

Why Story Asks?

Ask questions your audience will answer

Story Asks take advantage of the ease and creativity of stories to get your followers involved

Capture actionable insights instantly

Story Asks let you know what moves and motivates your followers right now and over time

Turn online passions into real actions

Story Asks always capture an email address and automates reaching out to your fans

Story Asks: Surveys That Swipe

Story Asks lets you know what moves and motivates your audience

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